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December 31, 2017

Newyears resolution time..if you want to get HEALTHY in NEED to see Angela Walsh at the Angel Attic in Plymouth! She has truly been a LIFESAVER! 💗Her PEMF treatments have helped me more than any medical doctor has in the last 5 months! Not only has she helped with my plantar fasciitis pain..she has identified other health issues and made recommendations that other health care professionals did not even look at or consider! Angela truly is an angel on Earth 😇 Thanks to her I will be starting out the New Year in better health! She also does Reiki and more! Check her place out and please share!!

Nicolette Doto

November 26, 2017

Amazing!!! I recently experienced a PEMF treatment by Angela at the Angel Attic and was impressed with this new type of therapy. I recently had surgery and I am still recovering. After using the PEMF treatment, combined with Angela's gift for healing, I have noticed a huge improvement in my recovery  and increased energy levels.


I was able to feel pulses all ove my body and even in the soles of my feet. I feel like I have my energy back as much as before my surgery. Very impressed with Angela and the Angel Attic. Feeling very blessed to have encountered this little gem in Plymouth..

Meribah Katherine Olesky

October 13, 2017

I have seen Angela several times now for Reiki. I have also had acupuncture with Dr. Ryan. I could go on for an hour telling everyone what a benefit both have had on my body and my life. I decided to have the acupuncture because I had fallen and seriously hurt my foot. I didn't go to urgent care or the hospital because I am used to hurting my feet and ankles and figured it might be a couple weeks, but I'll be OK. It wasn't healing as fast as I thought it would. With one treatment of acupuncture and Reiki, I was walking down the stairs normal again. I have also taken classes at Angel Attic. I am so glad I found this place!

Aleaah Bishop

November 22, 2017

First off, I cannot think of a better person to help others to heal. Angela is one of my dearest friends and she has a charismatic soul that people are just naturally drawn to. She is a beacon of positive energy and brings a smile to my heart every time I see her. She's an angel herself and sincerely desires to help people heal.

I had heard about the PEMF machine but was a little unsure about it. I was experiencing some pain in my left knee from old ice skating falls. As SOON as she put it near my knee, I was blown away! It was like the machine knew where my pain was and went to work to soothe and heal it. It really is a magnet! The session took about 20 minutes or so and Ang explained what was taking place the entire time. My knee felt better instantly! If you have pain that is stubborn and never seems to go away, you've got to try a PEMF session with Angela.

Shayla Weston-Weiner

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